All Faculty Ought to Be Outraged When Someone Demeans Adjuncts

To the Editor:

I read with a mixture of dismay and contempt the piece by Catherine Stukel of Morton Community College (“Is That Whining Adjunct Someone You Want Teaching Our Youth?” The Chronicle, August 25) and was pleased to see Marc Bosquet’s rejoinder (“Offensive Letter Justifies Oppressive System that Hurts Both Faculty and Students,” August 29), with which I generally agree. However, I would like to emphasize further a point which Mr. Bosquet raises. He wrote that the majority of non-tenu…

Instructors Should Clarify Misperceptions About Smartphone Use in Class

To the Editor:

College students’ dependence on smartphones and smart watches does not stop at the classroom door. Students use their phones for numerous functions, such as texting, visiting social sites, and listening to music. These activities distract from the learning experience. Implementing a policy to curb students’ use of smartphones during class time for personal use is not likely to be successful because of this dependence.

Instructors have the unparalleled opportunity to enhance the …

Low Pay Is Not the Only Injustice Visited Upon Adjuncts

To the Editor:

Catherine Stukel’s letter (“Is That Whining Adjunct Someone We Want Teaching Our Young?” The Chronicle, August 25) has drawn the glacial attention of this solo-practitioner attorney who continues with his 20-plus-year adjuncting gig.

Inadequate compensation is far from the only injustice foisted upon adjunct faculty. Adjuncts are regularly denied office space, parking privileges, access to libraries, computers, databases, copying facilities, and, for a while at York College of the…

‘My Position Became 6 Separate Contracts for 40 Pct. Less Pay’

To the Editor:

I have to admit that I have generally avoided writing too much about my own experience as a contract faculty member because, quite frankly, it does always sound somewhat maudlin. Then I realized that it’s not maudlin if it’s typical; rather, it’s part of a pattern. The pattern is one of blame, denial, obfuscation and, yes, the entitlement Catherine Stukel lists in her jeremiad (“Is That Whining Adjunct Someone We Want Teaching Our Young?” The Chronicle, August 25). However, the en…

Calif. Community Colleges Can Offer BA Degrees—if They’re Irrelevant

To the Editor:

The passage of California Senate Bill 850 allows some community colleges to provide bachelors degrees (“Calif. Legislature Approves Bill Allowing 2-Year Colleges to Offer 4-Year Degrees,” The Chronicle, August 22). The current iteration of the bill is a shadow of the original proposal that met with sound disapproval from faculty groups, including the Community College Association, which is affiliated with the California Teachers Associate and the National Education Association.

Sexual-Assault Prevention Shouldn’t Be Reduced to a 45-Minute Online Course

To the Editor:

After reading “A Scripted Response to Sexual Assault” (The Chronicle, August 25), I was disheartened at the fact that the universities that have decided to offer early sexual-violence-prevention programs are choosing to limit the conversation to an online program.

Sexual assault on college campuses exists, in part, because of an unspoken agreement between students to keep the secrets of the victims and the perpetrators alike. By not starting a continuing in-class, in-person, on-c…

Adjuncts’ Fight for Equal Pay Is Far From Over

To the Editor:

“What’s in a Title? Adjuncts by Another Name May Face the Same Realities” (The Chronicle, August 11) reminds us that adjuncts’ fight for equal pay is far from ending. It is common knowledge that these individuals are not afforded the same salary and benefits because they are not full-time employees. Yet many of these individuals undertake a heavy load in order to maintain their status as adjuncts. While Grossmont College has the right intentions behind their incentives, this doe…

When Opportunity Knocks Now, It’s the Opportunity to Be Exploited

To the Editor:

While reading “Is That Whining Adjunct Someone We Want Teaching Our Young?” (The Chronicle, August 25) it was clear to me before even reaching the point where Ms. Stukel spoke of her 30 years as a full-time instructor that she was not a recently graduated academic like myself and many of the adjuncts currently fighting for better wages, benefits, and job security. She has been out of touch with the job market for three decades, and five years is enough time for the job market to c…

‘I Am Not Alone in Wanting the Respect I Deserve. That’s Not Whining.’

To the Editor:

I am one of the whiny adjuncts Catherine Stukel spoke about in her letter to the editor (“Is That Whining Adjunct Someone We Want Teaching Our Young?” The Chronicle, August 25). I am one of the adjuncts Ms. Stukel believes doesn’t understand compromise or hard life choices. I am one of the adjuncts Ms. Stukel believes contributes to a culture of entitlement with today’s youth. I am one of the adjuncts that Ms. Stukel says needs “to put on her big-girl panties.”

Let me tell you a l…

‘We Each Must Accept the Consequences of Our Speech’

To the Editor:

Steven G. Salaita, in my opinion, possesses the “passionate intensity” of a sophomoric, pompous, know-nothing, pontificating buffoon who seemingly incites controversy solely to buttress his inflated self-image. I also believe, without having met him, that he suffers from bad breath and dandruff. I suspect that he’s never served in the military, never played organized football, and was, in his youth, regarded as a twit, a twerp, and a nerd (“U. of Illinois Feels Backlash From Schol…