Cover for Diversity Supplement Was Baffling


To the Editor:

I just received my latest electronic version of The Chronicle (May 20). I couldn’t believe that for an issue on Diversity in Academe, you picture a white male (it seems) on the cover (alone, no less). What were you thinking!

Nancy DiTomaso
Professor of Management and Global Business
Rutgers Business School — Newark and New Brunswick

Students and Faculty Critical of Israel Face Extensive Intimidation

To the Editor:

“Israel-Boycott Debate Spurs Fight Over Definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’” (The Chronicle, May 18) highlights an important issue on U.S. campuses. We appreciate The Chronicle’s coverage of an initiative by Jewish Voice for Peace urging the State Department to change its definition of anti-Semitism to prevent it from “being misused to silence critics of Israel,” but there is an important part of the story that needs a closer look.

The Chronicle’s focus on the views of Israel advocacy g…

Don’t Criticize Guaranty Agencies for Following the Law

To the Editor:

In “How Ending the Two-Tiered Student-Loan System Would Help Struggling Borrowers” (The Chronicle, May 15), Ben Miller, formerly with the New America Foundation, criticizes guaranty agencies for following the law that collection costs are to be paid by the defaulted borrower rather than the taxpayer. While the article states that it is part of the paper’s “Proof” series, it ignores important facts.

Mr. Miller first makes the inaccurate claim that there is a “two-tiered system”…

Weekly Exams Do Students No Favors

To the Editor:

I do not disagree with the findings of Henry L. Roediger regarding the importance of written notes or synopses to help students master information, and the necessity for students to read the material in their classes and work through it via weekly exercises that require them to use it (“How Exams Improve Students’ Access to Their Brains,The Chronicle, May 6). But I do have trouble with his assumption that this sort of reinforcement needs to take place in the form of weekly writt…

Commentary on College Costs Doesn’t Get to the Heart of the Matter

To the Editor:

James Doti is absolutely correct about the complexity of judging the cost of college and its rate of growth (“The Growth in College Costs Is Slowing, Particularly for Poorer Families,” The Chronicle, May 13.)  But his “analysis” doesn’t get to the heart of the matter.  College costs are not solely about tuition.  Particularly in private colleges there’s that little item of room and board and the endless stream of fees.  Those costs are somewhat opaque and seemingly arb…

Criticisms of Pope Foundation Apply to Higher Education

To the Editor:

The criticisms that Eric Kelderman levels at the Pope Foundation (“Conservative Think Tank Puts Pressure on North College’s Colleges,” The Chronicle, May 8) apply, albeit in reverse, to higher education. Higher education’s claim that any student can benefit is a distortion that borders on fraud, for half of students at less-elite colleges are not college ready. The insistence that less-research-productive faculty teach two courses is more outrageous than a statewide requirement …

Article on Book Controversy Was Reported and Presented Poorly

To the Editor:

The latest issue of The Chronicle carried an article about our recent book, The History Manifesto, and the worldwide discussion it has inspired. The article’s headline — “Historians Attack the Data and the Ethics of Colleagues’ Manifesto” — may have misled readers about both the content of the article and the substance of the broader debate the book addresses.

The article picked out five critical voices out of the many who have found the book beneficial to the debate and to academ…

Chronicle’s Salary Database Violates Privacy

To the Editor:

Last Monday, The Chronicle debuted a segment in its “Chronicle Data” section that is described as “a new interactive tool to search and sort comprehensive information, going back more than a decade, about faculty and staff salaries at thousands of institutions.” Previously, the source was the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). In using data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (Ipeds) data in…

Office for Civil Rights Should Be Given Less Money, Not More

To the Editor:

Congress should cut the budget of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, where I used to work.  Contrary to Howard Kallem’s argument, it needs no budget increase  (Letter to the Editor, “Office for Civil Rights Needs More Resources,” April 2).

Kallem cited the fact that more complaints have been filed at OCR recently. But that includes many copycat complaints that cost little to investigate. On March 18, The Washington Post quoted OCR’s head admitting that just “t…

Methodology for Ranking Arab-Region Universities Will Evolve

To the Editor:

In “New Rankings Paint a False Picture of Arab Universities” (The Chronicle, March 30), thank you for clarifying that U.S. News will continue to develop the Best Arab Region Universities methodology. As described here, U.S. News is bringing to the Arab region university community the same depth of study that has become important to parents, students, and policymakers in the U.S., using our experience of publishing the Best Colleges rankings in the U.S. for more than 30 years.

The …