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Eroding Colleges’ Reputation? There’s an App for That

In a month when news from academia includes the story of an Idaho State professor literally shooting himself in the foot with a concealed handgun, it takes a lot to win the prize for dumbest move. But, to give credit where credit is due, Goucher College managed to pull it off.

One of the unwritten rules among college administrators is, Don’t publicly criticize the bad decisions of other colleges. Partly that results from allegiance to an increasingly embattled profession, and partly, no doubt,…


Ozzie, Harriet, and James B. Conant

Criticizing college presidents these days is easy—like poking fun at a Kardashian. And so, by current standards, Scott Sherman’s article in The Nation strikes me as mild and balanced. In “University Presidents—Speak Out!,” he takes college leaders to task for not following in the footsteps of such earlier, courageous leaders as James B. Conant, of Harvard, and Robert Hutchins, of the University of Chicago, who took bold public stands on important and contentious issues. Sherman’s position is pre…