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July 12, 2010, 4:03 pm

Even Overdue Fine Notices Should Show Some Personality: Branded Messages & The Little Cloud Concept

So we’re gearing up for the
next academic year. Time to get all the messaging together and figure out what
we want to say to our different audiences. I’ve been doing a bit of an
inventory on all of our touch points—all the unique spots in which we interact
with our users via various formats, and wondering if we are consistently on


Big picture… what I mean is,
we are working to build the brand identity of the library as a welcoming, productive
and scholarly entity… but does that transfer throughout the entire user
experience? And I’m thinking more globally here, not just at UCSB.


This brings me back to an
idea I had about two years ago involving email notifications regarding book
requests: The Little Cloud Concept. I tend to borrow a lot of books from other
libraries. It’s always cool to get that email letting you know that an item has


On one…

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