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May 24, 2011, 12:11 pm

ORGANIZING A DESIGN CHARRETTE: gathering a visual response for learning spaces (a packet)

We’re gearing up for a sizeable renovation and I’ve been trying to include students and faculty in on the interior design discussion. I’m planning a full post on the campaign later this summer—most likely after ALA—but in the meantime, I wanted to share this with others working on similar projects.

I’m a big fan of the design charrette activity. Having used it before, I definitely wanted to include it in my current efforts. It’s easy to conduct and students always seem to enjoy it as an outlet for creative expression. It’s also helpful to gather a visual response when talking about learning spaces.

This time around I wanted to conduct the charrette in a very public setting. I wanted everyone who entered the library to see it happening and to have the opportunity to participate—or at the very least to take s look at the renderings and other information that was…

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May 2, 2011, 1:03 pm

THE VIRTUAL REALITY: Exploring graduate student use patterns of the UCSB Library

The UC institutional repository doesn’t have a space for library-generated papers, so I’ll just post it here. My SEO is decent so hopefully it will be discoverable.

Exploring graduate student use patterns of the UCSB Library
An ethnographic study

Prepared by Lindsay Vogt, Anthropology Graduate Student, UCSB
in collaboration with Brian Mathews, UCSB Library

Executive Summary (with an internal link to the full report)

I’ll let the report speak for itself. This is part one of a larger project, currently on hiatus, but hopefully will pick up again after ALA in New Orleans. In a nutshell, I hired an anthro grad student to help me study grad students. This paper is an internal document, but I figured since many librarians are interested in anthro research these days that it might be of some value. After our next report is done we’ll turn our work into a…

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April 27, 2011, 11:53 am

Can you encourage people to recycle? Our attempt to switch behavior

This is a follow-up to my post Assessing Your Greenness: a serendipitous stroll toward sustainability.

Our campus recently conducted a waste stream audit in the library. Download UCSB_Library_Waste_Audit What it boils down to is that our patrons generate a lot of garbage.This gives you a sense of coffee cups alone:


It will be interesting to see what happens when we temporarily close our coffee operations during a long renovation. Obviously students will still bring coffee into the building, but I suspect they’ll consume less when the impulse to purchase is no longer right down the hall.



The biggest takeaway from this experience is that students are not recycling– at least not as much as we expected. UCSB prides itself on sustainability and being eco-minded so I was anticipating higher numbers. What it boils down to is that 66% of our waste is recyclable, yet only…

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April 7, 2011, 12:22 pm

Reframing the Concept of Plagiarism, Or What I Learned From Banksy

I really enjoyed the Banksy movie. The first half was especially fascinating, chronicling the rise of street art. The second half seemed a bit fantastical, but I’ll suspend my disbelief for the sake of entertainment.


The film made me think of a recent project that we had in our library. It was titled Motivational Reflections and brought a street art vibe into some of our bathrooms.


The short version of the story: An enthusiastic student ends up in my office. She pitches an idea for a class project involving bathroom mirrors. Right away I was worried.


She goes on to outline a creative and inspiring idea. I’ve encountered numerous students with crazy ideas, but I must commend this one for being very organized. She had drawings, a timeline, a statement of purpose, descriptions, etc. It was well thought out. How could I refuse?


Basically her goal was to create a serendipitously…

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February 10, 2011, 2:10 pm

Thinking outside the box: external branding around campus

UCSB is a very outdoors oriented campus. If you put a university on the beach I guess that’s what happens. Everyone rides bikes and there is a skateboard lane too.  With nice weather year around it makes sense that students want to be outside.


I realized that we needed to do some external (outside our buildings) marketing. It is part of the culture here to drape and plaster signs & posters everywhere along paths and I wanted us to be a part of that.


I’ll skip the assessment and composition process, (read the book!) and just say that I discovered a handful of basic library services that needed more exposure— combined with a need to reenergize or actually clarify our campus brand. A large portion of our students have a narrow view of what the library is and so one of the tactics I wanted to explore is external signage.


We developed what we call our THINK LIBRARY campaign. (Ok, …

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January 18, 2011, 9:53 am

Are people really ready for eBooks? My attempt to give away 100 of them

Like many campuses we do a “one book” program every year. We purchase a ton of print copies, host a variety events, activities, and exhibits, and bring in the author for a public lecture. We also work with our local public library system and schools (including high schools) to push a common reading experience and dialogue around a thought-provoking interdisciplinary topic. (campus press release)


 Last week we kicked off our event by giving away 2,000+ plus print copies. In less than 3 hours we gave away 1,700 books. Before we started there were several hundred students (and some faculty) waiting in line. This is the fifth year of the program and it is great to see people get excited about receiving a book. I’ve enjoyed walking around campus and seeing those bright orange book covers everywhere I look.


This time around I wanted to dabble with something a little different and so…

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September 30, 2010, 7:28 am

Applied Diplomacy: an assessment attempt to discover what people know, don’t know, and want to know

I’m experimenting with an assessment tactic. I have a pile of multicolored sticky notes in my office related to another project AND I was preparing for a meeting with our User Services Group to talk broadly & briefly about the topic of assessment AND I was reading Visual Meetings–  so basically I was looking for a way to blend all those components.


A theme that I keep coming back to is do we know our users? We can read about them and obviously we interact with them daily, but do we really know them? Do we really know the process that grad students experience as they prep for candidacy?  Do we really know what happens in the dorms the night before a big assignment is due? Do we really know faculty tendencies when starting a new article or when they prep to teach a brand new course?


I tend to be overly curiously, but what about my colleagues? What I realized is that I didn’t know …

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July 28, 2010, 12:01 pm

More Thoughts On Mobile Presence: some ideas for libraries

In recent months I’ve
noticed numerous people finding my blog by searching for things like “library
iphone app.” They are finding my post:
Apps and the Library (if you can’t build one, join one)
What I found admirable about that
project was that it was student driven. The students, rather than the campus,
saw a need and filled it.


Here at
UCSB we don’t have that option. Our library mobile presence has been on the
backburner for a while, but let me share our story so far—


Through a chance
conversation I heard a rumor that someone was exploring a campus-wide iPhone
app. I asked around and got a lot of “no idea what you’re talking about” but finally
pinned it down to a programmer in Student Affairs who was working on a


I met with him in April and we
had a very inspiring talk. He shared that 30% of the web traffic they get to
the course registration …

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June 8, 2010, 9:51 am

Whose Space Is It Anyway? A question on library behavior for the sake of art

 Last week we had an unusual occurrence—a class
was assigned to develop temporary art installations in the library during their
regular meeting time. Their assignment focused on the concept of personal
space. Here are a few that I found:

Photo-45 The transformation of a study room into a dorm room.

Elevator2 The transformation of an elevator into a dorm room.

Elevator1 The elevator walls.

Photo-46 These invitations were scattered around the building.

Photo-47 On the 4th floor footprints to lead you to a balcony.

Food1 Feast.

Food2 Art.

Food3 People.

Getting_ready1 A girl outside the library is "getting ready" for the day. Took her three hours. She acted as if this was her personal space.
Floor1 The tape path.

Floor2 Putting down more tape  

Overall I like the concept, however, administratively this
posed some questions. We didn’t mind that students were doing these projects
but wished that we known about them ahead of time– although I presume that…

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May 5, 2010, 11:38 am

Assessing Your Greenness: a serendipitous stroll toward sustainability

Last week a student walked
into the admin office with an idea. He was very excited and enthusiastic. He
suggested that we get rid of the paper towel dispensers and install the new quick
dry systems like they have in McDonalds. Apparently there are newer models that
are much improved over the older style. I’ve discovered that there is much debate on this topic.


The student and I talked for
a good 15 minutes: the environmental impact, workload, sanitation, noise,
costs, etc. It was good to go through the process. To me the conversation
wasn’t necessarily about hand dryers, but about brainstorming and encouraging
this student to ponder the outcomes. I’m not opposed to the idea but the two
concerns I have are the sanitation of the “activate” button, and the noise that
the machines might make in our quiet study zones.


All and all it was a good
talk. I told him I was exploring a …

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