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March 4, 2010, 4:15 pm

Speaking Up Against Hate In the Library

Interesting day. Lots of protests and whatnot going down today.

I caught some of the conversation & demonstration during my lunch break. Very passionate opinions were expressed. Iā€™ve been to a few of these now and Iā€™m fascinated in them from an event planning point of view. The thought, planning, and organization that goes into these rallies is immenseā€¦ especially two weeks before finals. (The message is good too.)

Also in the news is the ā€œnooseā€ down in San Diego. When I first heard this I thought it was connected to the ā€œdeath of the UCā€ theme that was very visible around these parts last Fall.

Death_uc1 Death_uc2

Coincidentally we have a ā€˜Speak Up Against Hateā€™ display on the wall right now. It was planned over a month ago, but it is suddenly very timely with all that is going down regarding racism at UCSD, Irvine, and Davis. This project was a partnership with the Office of…

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