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July 28, 2010, 12:01 pm

More Thoughts On Mobile Presence: some ideas for libraries

In recent months I’ve
noticed numerous people finding my blog by searching for things like “library
iphone app.” They are finding my post:
Apps and the Library (if you can’t build one, join one)
What I found admirable about that
project was that it was student driven. The students, rather than the campus,
saw a need and filled it.


Here at
UCSB we don’t have that option. Our library mobile presence has been on the
backburner for a while, but let me share our story so far—


Through a chance
conversation I heard a rumor that someone was exploring a campus-wide iPhone
app. I asked around and got a lot of “no idea what you’re talking about” but finally
pinned it down to a programmer in Student Affairs who was working on a


I met with him in April and we
had a very inspiring talk. He shared that 30% of the web traffic they get to
the course registration …

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