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August 19, 2010, 7:52 pm

I read my first ebook… all the way through

I read my first ebook from start to finish. Sure, I’ve dabbled with ebooks before, I’ve even bought a few for my iPhone, but a few weeks ago I read one cover to cover over one weekend. Granted the book was awesome, but the thing about reading a good book is the fact that the content is great, not the tangible qualities of the paper. When I finished I wanted to download another.


The iPad is my eReader of choice. I’ll skip a review of the features because you can find that elsewhere, but it’s the first time I honestly felt that I could transition away from print.


Anyway. I came across a series of posts:


The author makes good points on both sides of the argument, but I wanted to address one: texture. The author raves about the “feel” of print but as a (former?) print book…

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