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April 12, 2011, 12:26 pm

From Idea to Innovation to Implementation: An Open Challenge for ACRL

I’m been working with a committee to put together the ACRL President’s Program for this summer’s ALA in New Orleans. This will be my first time in the Big Easy and I’m looking forward to it.


The theme we were given by ACRL President Lisa Hinchliffe was innovation with nod toward Fast Company. My partner in this endeavor Steven Bell (a candidate for ACRL President-Elect, go vote!) and I kicked around this theme for several months. Our conversation always seemed to center around the notion that coming up with ideas was easy, but transforming them into reality was the real challenge. There can often be a variety of barriers, setbacks, or stumbling blocks that prevent things from happening. I’ve noticed this in my own work where there is a grand vision that ends up being scaled back along the way.


Fast–forward eighteen months and we have our program:


From Idea to…

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