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February 1, 2011, 10:50 am

Building A Shared Web Vernacular: A Web Content Style Guide for Academic Libraries

 Drupal has been a huge hump to climb. I wish I was writing today to share news about our website launch, but regrettably we’re still working at it. Still pushing the rock up the hill and dutifully coming back down to try it again when setbacks arrive. This process has been marred with so many unexpected challenges—one day I hope to be able to share this epic tale of determination.


The short version is that we lost two programmers in January so that has stalled our production significantly. Thankfully we've been working all along with a great design firm, PING V, who are Drupal experts. If you are considering moving into Drup I highly recommend them. 


In more positive news… one of the big efforts we’ve made is tackling hundreds of pages that have been written over the years by numerous people and editing them for consistently. This has been a laborious task—getting the…

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May 19, 2010, 12:39 pm

Redesigning your website? Why not use LibGuides as your Content Management System?

Lately… I’ve been thinking about Steven Bell’s piece
regarding the demise of the academic library website… or rather, its evolution. I
can’t prove it, but I’m pretty certain he told me once that he envisioned
library websites becoming “just libguides.”


At first I was dismissive. I imagined a homepage with a long
list of subjects or courses that would filter the user into the appropriate guide.
But now I’m thinking maybe this is the right path for us to take. My staff (and probably yours
too) spends an enormous amount of time and energy working
on our web presence
. But what if we chucked it all and just used LibGuides?


0% chance of that actually happening and I’m not entirely serious
about it just yet. But ask me in two years and my perspective could be


What’s interesting is the
artistry of our websites. While we all pretty much offer the same…

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