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May 25, 2006, 1:47 pm

I like LC but…

Thanks everyone for your interest in this blog.

Why do we make students learn the Library of Congress System? Does knowing that finance books are in the HG’s or that literature is somewhere in the P’s really enhance their lives? When they graduate and move on to the real world, where does the Library of Congress Classification system fit in? Surely not at their public library which probably uses Dewy. And let’s be honest, all the studies show that people use the web, not libraries. I have never met a student with exposure to LC prior to attending college, so why do we force them to learn it? I am not advocating a switch to Dewey, but rather that we just give people what they want… literally.

The Info Lit people are all about teaching students how to identify, evaluate, locate, and use information, but that is subjective. For me, if a student uses a library database (or any other …

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