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February 10, 2011, 2:10 pm

Thinking outside the box: external branding around campus

UCSB is a very outdoors oriented campus. If you put a university on the beach I guess that’s what happens. Everyone rides bikes and there is a skateboard lane too.  With nice weather year around it makes sense that students want to be outside.


I realized that we needed to do some external (outside our buildings) marketing. It is part of the culture here to drape and plaster signs & posters everywhere along paths and I wanted us to be a part of that.


I’ll skip the assessment and composition process, (read the book!) and just say that I discovered a handful of basic library services that needed more exposure— combined with a need to reenergize or actually clarify our campus brand. A large portion of our students have a narrow view of what the library is and so one of the tactics I wanted to explore is external signage.


We developed what we call our THINK LIBRARY campaign. (Ok, …

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June 8, 2010, 9:51 am

Whose Space Is It Anyway? A question on library behavior for the sake of art

 Last week we had an unusual occurrence—a class
was assigned to develop temporary art installations in the library during their
regular meeting time. Their assignment focused on the concept of personal
space. Here are a few that I found:

Photo-45 The transformation of a study room into a dorm room.

Elevator2 The transformation of an elevator into a dorm room.

Elevator1 The elevator walls.

Photo-46 These invitations were scattered around the building.

Photo-47 On the 4th floor footprints to lead you to a balcony.

Food1 Feast.

Food2 Art.

Food3 People.

Getting_ready1 A girl outside the library is "getting ready" for the day. Took her three hours. She acted as if this was her personal space.
Floor1 The tape path.

Floor2 Putting down more tape  

Overall I like the concept, however, administratively this
posed some questions. We didn’t mind that students were doing these projects
but wished that we known about them ahead of time– although I presume that…

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