FRIDAY SOCIAL MEDIA GRAB BAG (old school type of post, pre-Chronicle style)

September 13, 2013, 1:37 pm

This is what social media looks like when it works right:

printersThanks Scott for managing this. It’s not just about us pushing out content but about us listening and engaging when appropriate. I’m planning to tweet this student next week to make sure everything connected okay.


Another social media project that I’m glad we hosted was #firstdayvt. This was a VINE contest inviting students to submit super short videos based on their first day of school. Not a huge response, but this was my favorite.

What I like about this effort is that it wasn’t the hey-we-have-JSTOR style of marketing that I often see from libraries. In fact, this wasn’t about promoting the library at all. This was an opportunity to organize and serve as a campus-wide platform for expressing the stress or excitement associated with the new year. I really like that we can step beyond just “being about the library” and also be reflective on campus culture.

SPUN Props

Last September I wrote about SPUN chairs as fun props to take to orientation and other roadshow events. Well we finally did that:


We had a long line of students eager to try out these quirky chairs. It’s hard to compete for attention among hundreds of tables and people giving away great swag. Libraries don’t have a lot of sex appeal, except for Hunt of course. This offered a visceral and memorable way to engage people.

These chairs are our purple cow. They draw attention and open conversation for learning more about the library. They also build intrigue along the lines of what else might be in the building.

I just wanted to pause for a minute and thank everyone on our team for makingithappen

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