Hubs and Centers as a Transitional Strategy

April 23, 2013, 3:37 pm

We’re still in the early stages of reshaping the role of our library but I wanted to share a document that outlines some of our thinking. Julie Speer, Tyler Walters, and I co-wrote a paper for the International Association of Technological University Libraries (IATUL) Conference.


Here is a piece from the intro:

Libraries of science and technology universities worldwide are adapting to a changing environment where cyberinfrastructure, eResearch, and new technology-intensive approaches to teaching and learning are transforming the very nature of universities. While many have adopted new technologies and the resources and expertise to manage them, this is only an initial step. Libraries are experimenting with organizational models that will transform their work capacity and expertise. The goal of these libraries is being an entity that feeds and produces collaborative synergies between faculty, students, information professionals, and technologists.


VT Libraries Strategic Thinking Dashboard

This is a key piece: “While many library leaders can see what their organizations need to become, the process of selecting methods, tools, and organizational theories that will transform their libraries remain unclear and challenging.”


Again, it is still early days for us, but we are experimenting with several models. We’ll be sharing more about this later in the year. Julie has some great ideas about the research side and here is more of my thinking about learning. Maybe we’ll try to put together a webinar if people are interested. Things are very much in the moment right now– but it’s helpful to document the process.


Download: (paper and presentation slides)


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