Cycles of Change & Innovation (two models together)

December 18, 2012, 6:28 pm

I wanted to share a quick post before we jump into the holidays.


Our leadership group has been talking a lot about change—particularly managing change or guiding change. Like most libraries we have a lot of things in motion; change is constant, not just a transition and then it’s done.


I’ve worked at a number of different libraries and it has been interesting to see how individuals react to change. Take for example demand-driven acquisition. Some people are very opposed to this model while others welcome it. This is a polarizing issue because it shifts control of collection development and actually starts to redefine what a library collection is and why it exists. But I’m getting off topic.


Two familiar models came up in our discussions this week:




I’m not going to offer any commentary at this time because my thoughts are still simmering, but it’s interesting to try and connect the dots. What emerges when you place these two models together? Do early adopters move through the change cycle quicker and hence become early adopters? What is it that helps people move through the adoption of innovation and consequently if you can accelerate that, does that help them through the change paradigm? Too early to share my conclusions but I want to do a better job of putting thought kernels rather than just posting finished ideas.


Happy holidays everyone.

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