Taking A Short Hiatus: doing my part to prove Mark Bauerlein wrong

March 7, 2011, 2:32 pm


My son Leo was born a week ago. So far so good. I'm really looking forward to his social and academic development. Hopefully Dr. Bauerlein will have to eat his words and realize that kids can be both intellectual AND fluent with social media. I'm starting with the basics, the classics– old school 5th century classics– straight up Aeschylus & Euripides! 

That said… I'm going to be stepping away from this blog and probably won't be checking my email much over the month of March.

But it will be back to business in April. Lots of exciting changes in my library. We are officially kicking off the promotion (bundled with design thinking and user experience metrics) of a library addition and sizeable renovation set to break ground in Jan 2012. This project has been eight years in the making and I'm happy to come in at the end and support the effort. There are about six new zones to be developed and it is going to be a fun year digging in and conceptualizing how the library can best serve our university. I'll chronicle the path here… should you be interested in reading what I am up to.

Regarding my column… The one about the Hawaiian library is now online. I'm writing one this week about a small New England college library. I think the one after that will be a large public library that is using some very exciting assessment techniques. At that point I'll have two more columns on my contract. I'd like to keep writing but would need to change direction. Not sure what what could be. With American Libraries and the Journal of Web Librarianship I've been writing columns for the past five years– might be nice to take a break.

Anyway… not planning to blog much about my son but I wanted to chronicle his arrival. Friends and family can follow my "Leo" thoughts on Facebook.
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