200th post = 4 years

May 16, 2010, 1:21 pm

So here we go. 200th post. It’s taken me four
years to get here, but that’s not too bad. It averages out to about a post per
month. Ideally I aim for one every two weeks, give or take a week. By some
accounts that’s very slow. Will Manley
cracked 100 posts in less than 6 months. And Steven Bell probably has 2,000+
over at The KeptUp Librarian (circa
2003.) But hey—tons of library blogs have gone under, and happily I’m still


I’m in the process of retagging everything. My taxonomy has
gotten way out of wack and so over the next several days I’m going to hack at
it. I’m also going to play around with some different themes and typepad tools.
I never really considered myself a blogger, just a guy who uses a blog to tell
a story… but now, after four years, I guess I should embrace the blogger
image.  What I’m saying is I’m
going to try and make the blog look and function better. Lots of tweaks as we
head into the summer season. So…if you subscribe (thanks!) please bare with the
redesign… I’ll probably be re-publishing a ton of old posts to get everything
in sync.


…being ubiquitous four years later. I don’t think I’ve ever
really expressed that concept well enough. I think “the disembodied librarian” might
have been more on target with my goal. Or perhaps “the holistic librarian.” At the time I was
fascinated with how I could be a librarian outside of the traditional
boundaries of that title. People needed help (in the broadest sense) both
within and outside of the building where I worked—how could that be
re-imagined? How could I do things (that were not in my job description) to
help them with their academic and personal pursuits? 

This led me deep into the forest of outreach
and marketing
. I learned a lot about myself, about libraries, and about people during
that process. While I still enjoy the marketing stuff there is definitely a
transition happening. I’m fully invested as a library administrator now and that’s
clearly the direction I intend to follow. I’m trying to soak up as much as I
can from anyone who will mentor me.


Over the years I might have lost my edge a little, but perhaps that is a
sign of maturity? I’ve also evolved away from social media—although I still use
and enjoy it daily—but there are just bigger themes drawing me in these days. I have about 30 more years of librarianship left in me, so it is a long road


Lately I’ve been dabbling on my next book for ALA Editions,
which I call “the alchemy project.” I am reading immensely in the areas of
biology, physics, psychology, and architecture. That’s what’s on my mind these
days. Blend those disciplines together and there you have it. I’m hoping to get
the majority of it written this summer, but I don’t expect to finish it until
summer 2011.


Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for reading this
little experiment of mine— and a special thanks to those who have commented over the years—even the negative ones! Hopefully I have done my part
in providing some degree of entertainment, insight or commentary on library matters. Four
years later the conversation continues.

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