The Secret New Steelcase Chair: I wish I could tell you more

March 30, 2010, 2:25 pm

Read about the Node (June 13, 2010)


I saw a really cool furniture product today. Our Steelcase
reps were kind enough to bring it by. Unfortunately I can’t reveal anymore than

It is still semi-secret due to competitive reasons, but I
believe more info will be available publicly in May/June. Ask your local
Steelcase rep about it—they might be able to demo it for you, but they are keeping it under wraps, literally.

[content removed-- for now]

I really hate to put up a teaser post like this, but I don’t
want to get my people in trouble. I know that someone at the Steelcase Headquarters reads my blog so let me know if I can reveal a bit more! 

ps: IDEO helped design it so you know it is awesome.


Update. Well, I had a voicemail this morning from Steelcase asking me to remove a paragraph from this post. They were nice about it and didn't say that I "had" to… so out of respect for them I did. I totally appreciate their sense of style and I know how it is when you're working on a secret project. 

Update #2
 I see that a number of people have been finding this post when searching the name of the new Steelcase chair. I really hope to have a ton of information to share on Sunday, June 13. If you really want to learn more about the N**E check back next week. Personally, I'm more interested in the philosophy of the product rather than the design. There is a good story there and I can't wait until it goes public.

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