And Our Three Millionth Volume Is… An Open Access Title? [maybe]

February 7, 2010, 9:54 pm

We’ve been kicking around ideas for our symbolic three
millionth volume. Most libraries pick an old book with an ornate cover and
build a message about the concept of printed artifacts. At UCSB we might do
that too… or maybe not. One of the exciting ideas that came up during our
initial brainstorming was selecting an open access title or at least something
that is born digital. This really rocks the boat but I think that is a good
thing. This is a chance to really make a statement about the direction library
collections are heading. It also gives us a springboard to reach out to our faculty
about scholarly communications. I can imagine a nice promotional package built
around this theme.

Ah, but that to choose? That’s where we are now. I thought
I’d open it up to you too. What would you select for a ceremonial “millionth”
volume?  What are some
digital items that would really make a

I’ll share what we end up doing, but I really want to
build around the mystery for our patrons of what it is or might be. I’m sure librarians are the only one
who get excited about these things, but I’m hoping to stimulate discussion around
campus on what exactly a modern library collection is all about. This also
gives us the opportunity to highlight other recent noteworthy materials and a platform to talk about our future vision.

 Seriously though, you’d be surprised by how much debate there
is around this topic. Answers/ideas variety great among faculty, librarians, students, and
donors.  But the born digital theme
keeps surfacing and it’s a very exciting and realistic possibility.

Anyway, this seems like an effective channel to build library intrigue
during the Spring Quarter. So… what is the three millionth volume… find out May 6
th! In the meantime, any suggestions you might have would be very much appreciated.

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