The Ubiquitous Librarian Returns: things I’ve been working on

June 15, 2009, 9:49 am

Do I miss Atlanta?


Nah, not really. After living in Orlando, Washington DC, and Atlanta I was ready to move to a quieter part of the country. Coastal California suites me fine.

I am starting Week 3 here at UCSB. There are already several projects underway. I’ll post about those further down the road, but in the meantime here are a few things you might be interested in.

I have an editorial in the current issue of Library Journal titled “Libraries & the Inspiration Business.” I tried to build a case for libraries as a transformative experience. That is hard to do with just 800 words, so here is the hour-long version I did at Simmons College a few months ago.

If you want to hear me blabber some more, check out this 15 minute interview about the user experience stuff at Georgia Tech. Erin Dorney also wrote a very kind piece in the current issue of CRL News. Thanks Erin. A lot of people scratch their heads when I tried to explain my old job, but she seemed genuinely interested—it is good to see people intrigued by design thinking.

Some more stuff to fill your day…

My second to last column for the Journal of Web Librarianship is out in pre-print– it is about social driven instruction.

Jon Bodnar and I turned our ARL Spec Kit into a reader-friendly article. It is in the current issue of Marketing Library Services and titled “An Inside Look at How Academics Promote Their Libraries.” It is not online, but I heard they were going to be giving away this issue at ALA.

Just a side note on ARL Spec Kits. I pitched an idea to them about “green initiatives”—they rejected it claiming that it is “out of scope for the SPEC survey program at this time.” I guess I have become one of those cliché west coast guys talking about the environment, organic food, and activism. I love ARL, but seriously, has there ever been a better time to consider this topic? For those interested, I recommend reading Gerry McKiernan’s The Green Library blog.

And if all that wasn’t enough, add the latest report from Rochester to your summer reading list.

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