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April 24, 2009, 8:45 am

I’ve been on the road for what feels like forever— here is a quick grab-bag post to get things rolling again.

They take trash seriously UW-Madison: a garbage receptacle at every desk!

Print1 Print2
We often seem to have hiccups with our print system. Perhaps this is a novel approach we should consider:  the honor system. (I was actually shocked to see students putting money it the cup—oh those quaint liberal arts college students.)

Always consider your audience. During semester breaks we have a surge in Chinese students, and so we try to speak with them as directly as possible.

A few weeks ago I was walking to the parking deck when I came across this sign.
I was mildly interested but kept on walking. A few yards further I saw another sign.

And then another and another—and decided to alter my path. What was this mysterious “culture”? Long story short, it directed me to a room that was empty by the time I arrived, anticlimactic for sure. Doesn’t that make you wonder what happened? Was it an event? A speaker? A display? A hoax? Were there students studying people as they encountered the signs to see what they would do when they lead to nowhere? I’ve never have the answers (like Lost) but there is a lesson here. The fact that the signage had no descriptive information makes it all the more intriguing. Consider how you might employ this technique on your campus or surrounding community.

Thanks: I’d like to say thanks to the libraries and individuals who have purchased my book. I appreciate all of the feedback I’ve received. Oh and I find it interesting that none of the 30-something libraries in the Georgia consortium have ordered it–  that pretty much sums things up.

Note:  I have a few “serious” posts planned for the next few weeks. Then I am probably going to take my blog offline for a bit in order to clean, retag, and redesign it. Thanks for reading.

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