A bit of this and that: some updates

September 22, 2008, 9:18 am

The “I do’s” are done. Another librarian/librarian union is formed. We had a nice honeymoon in Charleston.


My book is done too—or I should say, the manuscript is finished and it is in ALA’s hands now. I expect there to be a round of editing. Hopefully it will be out Spring 2009.

Apparently there is a Title Committee and they have named it:

Marketing Today’s Academic Library: A Bold New Approach

I have some issues with the word “bold” but it is one of those choose-your-battles moments. I think I’ll let this one go. My title was:
Communicating with College Students: marketing strategies for academic libraries.

ACRL 2009
I usually get burned by ACRL, but this time around it worked out. Steven Bell is a good luck charm. Looking forward to my first trip to the great Northwest.

  • “Mapping Your Path to the Mountaintop: Planning Where You Want To Be In Your Career” w/ Steven Bell (Temple), John Shank (Penn State), & Lauren Pressley (Wake)
  • “If fish markets can do it so can we: designing memorable library experiences for students and faculty.” w/ Steven Bell (Temple) & Valeda Dent (Rutgers)

RIP GIL Express
Sad news for scholars in the poor state of Georgia – as of next week out inter-borrowing program GIL Express is being suspended. This was a terrific service! Unfortunately it feels like the state is taking a step back with this decision. But hey, there is no gas at the pumps in Atlanta, so I guess we have bigger problems to deal with than borrowing books. Both of the presidential candidates are hyping up change, so either way things will get better, right?

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