The Rough Draft

July 25, 2008, 7:04 am



Weighing in at 68,151 words and 223 pages [Verdana, 10 pt, dbl sp] is my super rough draft.* This is a very conceptual version of the book. Weeks of editing lie ahead, but all the ideas are now down in place. I’m trying to make a September 1st deadline. Overall I think that it turned out to be a good narrative and hopefully a few librarians will find some value in it.





Simultaneously, putting the final touches on an ARL Spec Kit titled: Promoting the Library. This was a much easier task and was actually kind of fun. This one weighs in at 193 pages, but the bulk is data/results. Lee Anne George @ ARL has been great to work with.


So that’s why I barely respond to emails, IMs, facebook, phone calls, etc. In a little over a month I’ll get my life back.



*By comparison, formatted for Times New Roman 12, the manuscript is 252 pages.

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