Phantom Spills at the UGA Library

May 20, 2008, 9:00 am

The University of Georgia has placed me in an indefensible position. They claim that I damaged a book.

“The book was returned to us with extensive liquid damage, stained and still wet leading to mold damage.”

I disagree! The book never left my office and never came into contact with any liquid. However it doesn’t matter– the fault is always on the user. This situation always favors the House. Anything that I have to say is irreverent. They are right, I am wrong. Your $97.30 is in the mail.

Interestingly enough, the item shows up as available in their catalog. Don’t you think they should have marked it in some way to let patrons know that it is not on the shelf?

Here is a blast from the past. How about them dawgs?


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