Donuts for Design

April 10, 2008, 10:31 am


Our administration distributed donuts to each department/unit as an anniversary of our ACRL Award.  So the User Experience Group—consisting of myself and a multimedia designer—took our dozen and gave them out to students… with the catch that they had to give us feedback on a renovation that is currently in the pre-planning stages.

This pre-planning stage has consumed me the past few months. (I’ll post about that in a few weeks once everything is done and we move to the next phase.) So after hours of observation, focus groups, interviews, and U of Rochester type techniques—we’ve developed four layout prototypes—all based on user feedback. In fact, two of the designs were drawn by students themselves. We’ve been testing these concepts over the last two weeks and our little donut excursion re-enforced everything that we’ve been hearing. You know that you’ve got the right design when everyone shares the same vision.

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