Shifting My Focus – the user experience

September 2, 2007, 1:46 pm

As of yesterday I have a new title: User Experience Librarian. This seems to be a natural evolution for me with an emphasis on assessment and communications in the widest terms imaginable.

Essentially, my job now is to study users and to make recommendations to library admin and department heads. I’ll also work with others to develop targeted communication strategies and to do a little brand-work. The biggest challenge will be getting all departments/units to trust me—you say the word assessment and people freak out.

That being said, we’ll be looking for a new librarian soon to fill my former position. Atlanta is nice, seriously it is. GT is a top five engineering school, and a top 10 public university. The Library has a third building “in the works,” is a member of ARL, and recently received ACRL’s Excellence Award. We’re well suited for ambitious entrepreneurial types because we’re given a lot of freedom to experiment. We also have competitive Athletics programs. Something to think about.


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