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August 13, 2007, 4:49 pm

We’ve got the scoop! The Library World is eagerly anticipating the release of Fairfield U’s hot new instructional video. Inside sources tell us “it’s like choose your own adventure” but in an “academic setting.” Hmmm, sounds like they are embracing the “library in the lifestyle” advertising approach – finally, someone is listening! Our “Laguna Beach but in a Library” proposal failed miserably, so we wish them well.

The yet-to-be-titled video is expected to hit the web later this year, but we’ve obtained this leaked photo from behind the scenes. You heard about it here first!


The heated rivalry from the hardwood has spilled over. The Duke Libraries blog heckles the U of Michigan stating:

“at least we don’t have an East Section of Level 1 A North.”

Damn Dude! Is Big Blue just gonna go out like that? All they gotta say is 0-12, baby! 20 game losing streak! Better watch out before both libraries start boosting about the size of their institutional repositories.

NCSU takes competition seriously. How do you think they went from the ARL’s basement to the Top 30 in just ten years?

R1, R2, L1, CIRCLE, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP << cheat codes>>

Just take a look at their Vision Statement The Libraries: NC State’s competitive advantage. That’s right folks, NCSU is building a gaming empire. Forget about books and journals, that’s so 1.0. The NCSU Libraries “learning commons” provides the resources and tools that students really need to succeed!


It takes more than study space (you stole our curved walls!) and computers to generate a 1.5 million gate count per year. The secret is the Wii! Embrace it!


The Stanford U Libraries recently purchased a large plot of land— and haven’t done a thing! With the Fall semester approaching, students will surely be confused by the large vacant lot. Our reporters found that all outsiders are barred from the propriety– but we captured this excusive photo:


What gives Stanford? Are us State Schools not good enough to step foot on your hallowed lands? That’s that liberal, left coast, Starbucks-drinking, Google-searching, Terminator-voting, elitist attitude for ya. For shame!

[Note: Ok. So maybe I've been reading too much TMZ lately? This post is just a joke. I figured these are all big schools/libraries and that they can handle a little end of summer mock-gossip. Well, except for Fairfield. ((Who's Fairfield ?)) The real Ubiquitous Librarian will return next week with posts on proactive library instruction, a Library Poker Tournament Recap, and probably something about facebook too. I'm off to visit INLAND EMPIRE , catch ya later.] [PS: Don't hate.]

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