Post #100 – A Recap

August 11, 2007, 12:42 am

Post #100. Not bad for a year and three months, however I know many other bloggers hit that number every other month. So, if you’ve been around since the beginning, I thank you for sticking with me. If you are a new reader, thanks for checking this out. And… if you are a random web searcher who stumbled in—sorry to waste your time.

I decided to change the look around a bit— fresh things up. And since this is a milestone, I offer some of my favorite posts. Let’s stroll down memory lane:

Am I Too Commercial?
You get an ALA book deal and they call you a sellout. Ya gotta love the wannabes and the never-beens.

Library Closing Announcement
Hands-down the best closing announcement in the ARL. You disagree? Post yours.

Charging for overdues is insulting!
The age old question—should or shouldn’t libraries charge overdue fines? The highlight for me was being called “a lazy, irresponsible git.” Ya gotta love those Canadians!

The CeLIBration Posts (multipart series)
The Georgia Tech Library’s annual welcome event.

The LibQUAL+ posts: satisfaction tool (free download) & ARL Analytics (my review) & niche

When Hollywood takes over your library
Shannyn Sossamon, enough said!

Sin, Death, and Resurrection
An epic tale of redemption from the land of facebook.

Modern Knowledge Spaces (video)
A student documentary about our commons. I was very impressed by their sophistication and perception.

US vs. UK Libraries
Round 1: (patron satisfaction) goes to the colonies. Next up we battle Canada . Coming for you Paul !

Second Life: Lessons from Woodbury
Featuring the screenshots that I must have stolen from The Chronicle

So there you have. Thanks again for reading.

And oh yeah, Elsevier— I’m still waiting on that check . Maybe you guys should donate it to worthwhile charity instead?

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