behind the scenes @ ACRL

March 30, 2007, 6:09 pm

Baltimore is a cool city. I like it better than Atlanta actually. I dig Greektown and Little Italy. I never go to any offical receptions or that stuff, instead I like to explore the little neighborhoods. Anyway, here are some pics from behind the scenes at the conference.

This is the green room for presenters. A nice place to practice, eat, chill, talk, use the web, etc. Endless cookies, sodas, and fruit!

I was on a panel with Jim Rettig, Jerry Campbell, Bill Miller. All big timers. We had over 500+ people come to our talk. Thanks everyone. Then we turned around and did a virtual version. It was hard to sustain that energy after the live performance. Anyway, this is us in the secret webcast location. Hope got us hooked up.

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