Welcoming Freshmen Event – 2007 – (preview)

March 23, 2007, 9:33 am

The murmurs have begun about what we’re going to do this year for our welcome freshmen event. Last year we had a decent turnout and I hope we can continue that success. I also hope we call it something other than CeLIBration, but people around here tend to like to stick with a name rather than mix it up.

The biggest lesson I learned last year was the need to make the activities structured more concurrently. For example, with speed-dating a patron needed to commit a full hour and consequently had to miss out on other activities. So I am going to strongly urge that we try to build everything into 30 minute segments.

Last year I co-hosted/co-coordinated speed-dating, which had a high turnout, but I have no interest into doing that again. I hope someone else will run with it this year. If anything, several of the patrons I spoke with said they’d like to see some type of formalized meet-and-greet activities in the form of a game or whatever. They liked spending a few minutes in the company of strangers. So with or without the dating structure, we have to do something.

This year I have two activities I am going to try to pull off:

  1. I want to invite several football players to come in and accept the challenge from the student body to beat them at their own game: NCAA Football for Xbox or PlayStation. Rig up a few consoles and set the games to 10 minutes and see what happens. I’ve met several of the players and they are cool and approachable and I think they’d get a kick of out playing as themselves in a public setting. I think the students would enjoy it too—a chance to mingle with the athletes. Our season opens at Notre Dame and bank on it, GT will win.
  2. The second idea I’m floating around is a poker tournament. Take 5 tables with maybe 4-7 players at each one, and play for 30 minutes and the winner (top number of chips) at each table advances to the championship. So later in the night those 5 winners go head to head in the finals.

In May we’ll start talking seriously about the event, but I’m looking forward to it.

Oh and you can’t tell me that Idol has better performers than Rockstar (well, you can but I’d disagree with you.) Here is the Rockstar version of a Stones classic, and here is the wanna-be-diva Idol version. Seriously.

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