sick week & seeking social software examples

February 25, 2007, 9:37 am

Let me tell you, being out sick for a week is not a good thing. When I first felt it hitting me last Monday I thought well, I’ll out be out a day or two, but at least I can get some work done from home… nope. Nothing. So this is a bounce back week now, just trying to get even. I have over 250 emails in my inbox and none of them are spam. If you sent one, it might take a few days to hear back.

But maybe you can help me out? I am pulling together a showcase of libraries (any type) using social software to interact with patrons… or for internal communications as well. I have facebook and myspace pretty well covered, but if you have come across some interesting examples, please share them with me. It’s for an upcoming issue of JWL.

The only other item of note is that I just finished my ballot for the Atlanta Campus Movie Fest. A 5 minute student film competition amongst several local universities, and one from way out there in the sticks. It really (falsely) made me feel connected to the Oscars. And on that, The Departed is a great film, but Babel is epic.

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