Seeking Doom & Gloom articles about the Library Profession

September 8, 2006, 7:43 am

My fellow participants,

I’m looking for articles, editorials, or blog posts that are critical of libraries and librarians. I’m in the final stages of prep work for a talk, which I will release online, and want to add a little more apocalyptic flavor. There has been a lot lately about the Google Migration , and that’s fine, but I am trying to cast a wide net. I don’t just want to limit myself to the ‘patrons want to use google and librarians want them to use databases—therefore we’re out of touch’ mentality.

A sampling of the stuff I’m reading:

Also, I vaguely remember something comparing library collection development to grocery stores or supermarkets. I’m not limiting myself to contemporary issues (like L 2.0′s you’re with us or you just don’t get it approach) but looking at the historical range of change.

If you have anything to share I’d greatly appreciate it.

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