The Ubiquitous Enterprise (a preview)

August 28, 2006, 9:37 am

I spoke with my mom (who works in a public library) about this talk over the weekend. She cautioned me I might be taking it too far. Perhaps she’s right, but since when have I listened to my mother?

I humbly present a preview of The Ubiquitous Enterprise: What Libraries Can Learn From the Business Community, or Saving Ourselves from Irrelevancy . The live version will be given Sept 21, 2006 at COMO , which is essentially the Georgia Library Association annual conference. And I intend to release an online version Oct 1, 2006 .

I was flipping through the channels this weekend and caught an interesting segment on Fox News about protecting children from online predators. They had an agent (FBI?) talking about baiting strategies for catching predators. I thought, oh, this will be interesting to see how they cover MySpace, since Fox owns the site. Throughout the segment they never mentioned the M word—they simply showed screenshots of FaceBook , Tagged , and Friendster. These of course are the “dangerous” sites that all the kids are using. Fair & Balanced! Gotta love it!

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