ACRL 2007 – what might have been

August 22, 2006, 7:20 am

ACRL 2007 – what might have been

Oh Baltimore , what could have been. Apparently ACRL isn’t feeling the Ubiquitous Librarian either. 0-2 so far with proposals for the 2007 conference. Maybe the Annoyed Librarian can provide some advice about how to get proposals accepted? Unlock the door for the rest of us! I guess I should have tried to work the terms information literacy, scholarly communication, effective practices, usability, curriculum focused instruction, or professor-librarian collaboration into the title—those seem to be the same old regurgitated themes that ACRL loves.

Here’s a look at what might have been:

#1 The Reference Question–Where has Reference Been? Where is Reference Going?

Short Abstract: Fifteen years ago technological innovation challenged librarians to “rethink reference.” What has driven change—strategic decisions made by librarians, external forces, or some combination of the two? How must reference change to thrive during the next fifteen years?


  • James Rettig, University of Richmond
  • Jerry D. Campbell, University of Southern California
  • William Miller, Florida Atlantic University
  • Cheryl LaGuardia, Harvard University
  • Brian Mathews, Georgia Tech

I was really looking forward to meeting this panel, especially Jerry Campbell. I’m hoping we might find a new outlet for this talk, even if we do it via phone/skype and release it as a podcast. Talis , interested?

#2 The Intuitive Reference Approach: interacting with students through blogs

Short Abstract: While reference transactions are in steady decline, students still require assistance with research. This session introduces a proactive approach toward reaching students through their personal blogs.

This was based upon the white paper I wrote: Intuitive Revelations: The Ubiquitous Reference Model . It was actually the start of the whole ‘ubiquitous’ librarian approach. Hmmm, maybe this session could fit in somewhere like the Blended Librarian ?

My suggestion/lesson for ACRL 2009: submit 10 proposals!

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