The place where fun comes to die…

June 23, 2006, 8:08 am

You know that something is definitely no longer cool when a university Policy Office starts talking about it.


Here is an interesting ‘library’ event created by students from last semester.


With all the attention we give to them. With all of our effort toward trying to reshape the Library to their liking, they still perceive us as “the place where fun comes to die…”

I’ve noticed a handful of such events. Students form study groups, Calculus is particularly common here, and work through test preparations together. This is nothing new, but it demonstrates that students do use FB for more than posting drunken pics and looking for people to hookup with.


It could be interesting to surprise a group like this one day with pizza or sodas or a coupon for a free coffee from the library café. Catch them off guard. Provide a seemingly random unique experience. And more than anything, create positive grassroots PR for the Library.

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