Desk slow? check out the annoyed librarian

June 6, 2006, 8:18 am

Great post from my new favorite blog: The Annoyed Librarian. Takes the ubiquitous model to a whole new extreme! It cracks me up, especially the Journal of Soup Marketing and the 69,300,000 google hits hits via smart phone. Seriously, great stuff!


There is another excellent post on library fads:

Are you the sort of person who starts salivating and wants desparately to share your thoughts and feelings when any of the following topics arise: Library 2.0, library blogging, library RSS, library IM, library podcasting, library marketing, library gaming, library advocacy, Such-and-such @ Your Library, information literacy, "millenials," "nextgen"…… Or are you all faking? I really want to know, because that way I can decide: should I feel like I’m in on the joke and just chuckle as you pretend to care deeply about this stuff, or should I eye you suspiciously and slowly back out of the room?”

The Annoyed Librarian is refreshing! Leslie Burger should offer an American Libraries column asap!


Also check out: A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette

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