Assessment Stuff

June 2, 2006, 10:36 am

Ok, so this is my latest article: The Role of Industry Standards: An Overview of the Top Engineering Schools’ Libraries. It took me two years to write this due to motivation issues. It’s about engineering standards and kind of boring.


A far more interesting article in the same issue comes from Penn State: Assessing Reference: Using the Wisconsin-Ohio Reference Evaluation Program in an Academic Science Library


I am intrigued by the WOREP survey tool and hope that we use something similar in conjunction with LibQUAL+ this Fall. The gist of it is that it seeks to measure reference performance by collecting data from both the patron and the staff involved in a particular reference transaction and evaluating the success and satisfaction of the experience. Often times we (I) feel pretty satisfied with the assistance provided, but what do they think of us? While I am intrigued with the concept, if librarians/library staff know that they are being evaluated, I suspect they will provide a higher level of service… but we can let the assessment folks debate the validity; I like the spirit of the instrument.


Let’s get ubiquitous! Why not have a student walk around campus giving away a free iTunes song (.99 cents each) to 100 random people asking them to describe their most recent library experience. And leave it at that! I’d like to get outside our known user base, the people actually IN the library, and try and collect other experiences, even if they say “I’ve never been to the library.”

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