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April 20, 2007, 12:36 am

Is the Tide Turning? Fighting Homophobia in Women’s Basketball

The news from colleges and universities has been so troubling lately, let’s look aggressively for something positive and uplifiting to write about. In fact, let’s revisit homophobia in women’s college hoops.

As D-I women’s basketball programs move into the last stages of the recruiting season, catch this speculation that fallout from the Pokey Chatman scandal might have some benefits, in that people are no longer pretending that there are not lesbians in women’s basketball. New York Times reporter Jere Longman had a great piece in the sports section today about how the tables might be turning — in favor of lesbians being out and being respected for what they do well. The forced resignation of Penn State’s Renee Portland, the coach who vowed no lesbian would ever play on her team and who harassed players she suspected were not straight, may be a sign of positive change, as is the way…

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March 25, 2007, 3:52 pm

My Fantasy About Leaving Zenith

My fantasy about leaving Zenith has a number of constituent parts. At one point, it included going to law school and becoming an activist attorney who did real things to help people. This idea developed in contradistinction to the line people often feed me about how important it is to teach elite students because it is they who will go out in the world and run things, and they need to learn from people “like me.”

Oh right. This is a reason to go on living: molding future world leaders and captains of industry. Just call me the Handmaiden to the Stars.

I also had a fantasy about running for office, which faded precipitously when I realized it would require hours and hours of social events, a capacity to remember lots of names forever, eating dreadful food and making compromises with people I would, to my peril, learn not to despise — for example, Joe Lieberman and Trent Lott. This …

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