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June 29, 2009, 4:14 pm

How Will We Write The History Of The Man In The Mirror; Or, Who Was Michael Jackson (To You)?

Last Thursday night, my iPhone — which only works intermittently in the hills of Litchfield County, CT, and only then if you stand in the exact right spot in the house — buzzed to indicate a text message. I looked down. “Michael Jackson died :(” read the message, sent by a colleague and a good friend (the Radical’s agents are everywhere.)

Wow, I thought: and only three days after Judy Garland.

It is good there is no internet where I was, otherwise I would have spent the rest of the evening on my computer looking for the very few details that were (and still are) available. I also missed most of the relentless tributes, as there is no television in this little retreat either. Friday morning I did decide that I needed a New York Times, so I went to the grocery store out in Northford, CT, where I have shopped since about 1986. The woman at the check-out station was weeping, tears…

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July 4, 2007, 8:24 pm

The Eight Questions Meme: From Squadratomagico

Squadratomagico has created an offshoot of the Eight Facts meme called the Eight Questions Meme. Unlike the original meme, it has no rules that need be published, and the questions are idiosyncratic enough that tagging up is a very difficult thing indeed. You can read Squadratomagico’s answers to her own questions here.

Question the first: How different are men and women really? Such a good question. When I was in my Marxist-lesbian-feminist phrase I would have been shocked that this was even a question. Nowadays, when sometimes I can’t tell whether the wedding pictures in the New York Times are two women or a heterosexual couple (unless I look closely at the names), I’m not so sure whether I have changed or whether men have changed. Three things I do know are that: in academia, at least, women are not inherently nicer, better feminists, or fairer people than men; that many young …

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