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May 8, 2009, 2:16 am

“Got Him!”

This was the text message I received from one of my co-workers this evening, and I rushed to the computer as soon as I saw it. Stephan Morgan, Johanna Justin-Jinich’s murderer, turned himself in earlier this evening at a convenience store in Meriden, CT, which is a couple towns south of Middletown off I-91. Morgan had been on the run since 1:00 P.M. yesterday, when he gunned down Justin-Jinich inside the campus bookstore. We learned today that he was interviewed by police outside the scene and then sent on his way. Deprived of his car, however, he wasn’t likely to get very far even if he wanted to, which was part of why we feared that he was still lurking on campus, waiting to do more damage. That fear escalated when journals detailing his plans to launch a killing spree at Wesleyan following Justin-Jinich’s murder were discovered.

Today, family in Massachusetts had sent a personal…

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May 7, 2009, 3:09 pm

Two Important Updates on Murder of Johanna Justin-Jinich

This story suggests that, prior to gunning her down in cold blood yesterday, Stephen Morgan had been stalking Johanna Justin-Jinich since 2006, but also that there is evidence that this attack was part of a broader plan to harm Jewish students and Wesleyan University. No wonder they want us to stay home until they can locate this guy.

I also want to notify everyone that the original picture of the perpetrator that I had posted below has been removed, since a commenter informed me it was incorrect. I believe this, since when I originally received the picture and googled the name, I came up with an academic at another institution who bore a striking resemblance to our “perp:” Johanna’s murderer is not, I repeat not Stephan Morgan of Cornell, who I hope will receive apologies from more people than me (but for what it’s worth, you can have mine too, Professor Morgan.) The new…

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May 7, 2009, 11:36 am

Zenith Campus Lockdown: Watching, Waiting and Meditating on Violence Against Women

Well we have a suspect in yesterday’s campus shooting at Wesleyan, and there he is on the left. For whatever posts remain in this series, I am forgoing my normal pseudonym for the college, “Zenith,” because none of my commentary should be perceived in any way as not-real, or as making light of what is a difficult and shocking situation. Furthermore, I have been alerted by my site meter and by at least one comment that people in our extended community (including parents) are checking this blog for actual news about the brutal murder of Johanna Justin-Jinich.

I’ll tell you right up front: I don’t know anything that you don’t know.

This picture will probably become iconic as the tragedy plays itself out to its predictable finish, where we find out through an attorney, or through a deranged group of documents, that this man “had” to kill Johanna because he “loved” her. The image depicts…

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