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June 15, 2011, 2:15 pm

Too Badgered? Biddy Martin Leaves Wisco Chancellorship, Heads To Amherst As President

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports today that Carolyn A. (“Biddy”) Martin will leave her post as Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin and become President of Amherst College.  However, she has been quite clear that it is not because Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature are trying to flush the state’s education system down the toilet. And it isn’t because her plan to break the flagship away from the other campuses ran into trouble, in case that had occurred to you.

The news became public the day after Wisconsin’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s new anti-union legislation.   As Jack Stripling writes,

Ms. Martin was emphatic that the failure of the proposal to break the flagship campus from the university system, a quietly devised plan that drew the consternation of the system’s Board of Regents when they learned of it, was not among the reasons for her…

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April 24, 2007, 12:57 am

A Brief Sports Interlude

OK, one of the things most people in the blogosphere do not know about the Radical is that she is a rower, and an extremely competitive one. Also she is the academic advisor to the Zenith men’s crew, and competitive on their behalf.

And can we say that the Zenith guys (otherwise known as Wesleyan Men’s Rowing) just *hammered* Williams on Saturday? Every single boat?