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October 22, 2007, 1:39 am

Take Me To The River

Those of you who really know the Radical also know that I am a Rower. As a Dedicated Rower, my fall was spent preparing to row three miles down the Charles River, in Boston, in a double. I expected to do ok: my partner and I had won a couple races, and done moderately well in another.

Well, we got our butts nailed to the wall: got charged once by an oncoming boat, another boat failed to clear and then, all on our own and with no help from anyone, we missed three buouys, so at a messy end-of-the-pack we were DFL. Which, if you are a rower, you know means Dead Fucking Last. OK, so it’s all about next year, winter training, blah, blah.

We did the Weeks and Eliot bridges to perfection: I hope that’s where Regatta Sport took the picture.

(This is a picture of someone else doing the Eliot bridge perfectly.)

And yet there is something to be happy about besides the potential picture of my…

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