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March 28, 2011, 1:17 pm

Monday Found Objects: Or, What Wisconsin Republicans Would See If They FOIA’d My Email

Little things come in, and I sock them away.  But so that no one has to file any paperwork, or break my system passwords, here’s what’s lying around my email box today:

 How do I get these things?  Go here to buy a set of Prince William and Kate Middleton paper dolls, each with fifteen different outfits.  The dolls themselves are in their underwear, which I think is kind of interesting in the sense of what a future monarch and his queen might not have permitted even twenty years ago.   I would have understood if I had received an email soliciting me to purchase the “Past Presidents of the AHA Paper Doll Set,” promising hours of fun as we cross-dressed Barbara Weinstein and Tony Grafton, but this one’s a mystery, Governor Walker.  My guess is that they bought the American Studies Association mailing list.

 Do the AHA survey, save a tree.  Have you ever wondered — as I do — why…

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