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September 17, 2010, 11:58 am

How To Prevent Abortions: Stop Pretending Teenagers Don’t Have Sex

Yesterday I was part of a Constitution Day celebration at the University of Connecticut – Storrs, in which three of us from the academic, activist and policy world were asked to focus on the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment ninety years ago. In one way or another, we all took the opportunity to connect women’s votes to a discussion of what it means for women to be full citizens, with equal rights to men across lines of class, race and region. One of the speakers, a founder of Shoreline Women’s Liberation, made the argument that debates over hot button social issues like abortion have become so polarized that, as feminists, we are left with few options about how to resolve them through rational debate. Inevitably, then, they become the stuff of power politics and embed themselves as wedge issues, allowing legislatures in places where conservatives dominate — Oklahoma, for example -…

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