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October 21, 2010, 3:21 am

Weird History Department News: Thad Russell Has The Last Word

Angry young man? Photo credit

Today’s HuffPo has a blog post by former Barnard adjunct prof Thaddeus “Bad Thad” Russell who, by his own account, was kicking a$$ in History and American Studies on the Upper West Side of Manhattan until his colleagues finally found out what he was teaching.  The story is a little murky, it’s true.  Russell, who took his PH.D. at Columbia, describes himself as an “eccentric” and claims to have been highly influenced by his counter-cultural upbringing and education.  He gave a job talk which horrified his colleagues and their counterparts at Columbia and, after four years of impermanent work at Barnard, was not offered a tenure-track position.

If Russell’s job talk was anything like this post about the job talk, I can see why.

What kind of a teacher/scholar is Thad Russell?  Again, not clear: some of his work is terribly conventional, some aggressively…

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