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July 22, 2010, 4:04 pm

She’ll Always Be A Player On The Ballfield Of My Heart: Tenured Radical And Historiann Wrap Up Their Conversation About The Professor

This is the Part III, and the conclusion, of a discussion between Tenured Radical and Historiann of Terry Castle’s “The Professor and Other Writings” (HarperCollins, 2010 — if you are new to the party, you may wish to begin with Part I.) Yesterday, at Historiann, we discussed the themes of desire and longing that suffuse Castle’s narrative about her emergence as an intellectual who has to cross class lines to chart her own path to become an adult, a feminist, a lesbian, an artist, and a deeply original and critical thinker.

Today’s post consists of a single exchange in which we historicize the role of suffering in this story. We end with the question of whether, in a day and age in which sexual relations between students and teachers are widely perceived as harmful (and often proscribed by universities), whether the suffering of graduate students has been ameliorated, or it has just…

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July 21, 2010, 4:45 pm

“Not All Girls Are Raving Bloody Lesbians, You Know:” Getting You In The Mood For Part II Of The Terry Castle Conversation, Now Up at Historiann

Susannah York, who plays the up and coming actress and lover to the older, fading telly star Beryl Reid in Robert Aldrich’s classic The Killing of Sister George (1969), delivers this fabulous set-up line as she tries to deflect her lover’s (accurate) suspicion she is having an affair.
“That is a misfortune that I am perfectly well aware of,” Beryl Reid replies tartly. For your viewing pleasure, I provide the whole clip from this classic lesbian psychodrama below:

You can actually get the whole film at YouTube, if you are patient enough to find all the pieces. I now command you to go to Part II of the Terry Castle discussion, “Humiliation and Longing,” and if you haven’t been there yet, to our partner in crime Comrade Physioprof, who delivers a review of the book that is focused on the humor of “The Professor and Other Writings.”

July 20, 2010, 3:12 pm

Day 1, The Professor: A Conversation With Historiann About Terry Castle’s The Professor and Other Writings

Several weeks ago we at Tenured Radical received an email from Historiann, who was reading Terry Castle’s The Professor and Other Writings (HarperCollins, 2010.) She notified us that this book — a combination of memoir and cultural criticism — was right up our alley. Several days later, when this slim volume by a Stanford English professor I have long admired had arrived by three-day shipping (and all household activities had been put on hold indefinitely as we went on a binge of reading and downloading Art Pepper albums), Tenured Radical and Historiann agreed that a blog-to-blog conversation was in order.

This is the first of three posts taken from that conversation, which was conducted over email and then edited down. Day 2 will appear tomorrow at Historiann, and then you will want to return to here for the final post on Day 3 (Thursday, July 22). Stay tuned to Comrade

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