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August 17, 2011, 12:12 pm

“That Was The Big ‘Click!’”: Gloria Steinem and the History of Feminism

Last night, after watching Gloria: In Her Own Words (HBO Films, Peter Kunhardt dir., 2011), a short documentary about Gloria Steinem that premiered on August 15, I decided to take action.  I came upstairs and I:

  • Joined EMILY’s List (this is completely free, but I celebrated with an initial donation of $35 + $15 for their featured candidate, Kate Marshall, a former Democratic state treasurer who is running against Mark Amodei in Nevada’s 2nd.
  • Joined the National Organization for Women (NOW) which cost $40.00. This allowed me to sign up for the national and my local Shoreline chapter, which I hope will call me into action sooner rather than later.
  • Subscribed to Ms. magazine (which Gloria founded; $25) and, for good measure, bought a snappy black tee-shirt with Ms. on the front in big pink letters ($20.00.)

But it wasn’t always this easy.


February 16, 2009, 3:27 pm

The Radical Is Reminded Of A Time When Intellectuals Were Witty And Television Talk Shows Were Smart

Because I have no time to post today; and because the pace of the semester has been ramped up to a new level of insanity this week; and because I think everything has been said about the last post that can possibly be said; and because the best way to stop a comments thread is to put up a new post to distract everyone; and because I am not feeling in the least witty, I would like to re-publish this wonderful 1971 clip from the Dick Cavett Show:

I would like to point out that it is not just the lefties (Cavett and Vidal) who are acute and funny (Mailer, although on the left, I know, was just such an ass I don’t know why any of his wives didn’t stab him before he got to one of them.) But Midge Decter’s intervention reminds me that in 1971 conservatives had razor wits too, not to mention good manners and gender politics, which is why in high school I used to subscribe to what became…

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