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May 10, 2011, 2:10 pm

And The Envelope, Please: Tenured Radical Inaugurates the Spammies

Doesn’t this look so too much like Elliot Spitzer?

For reasons too mysterious to mention, I am in catch up mode and have no time to be clever or intelligent today.  However, with the help of my spam file, I can try to be funny.  I read in the Old Grey Lady a few months back that spammers have stopped kicking out routine messages by spambot, and instead have hired real people to roam through blogs leaving links to their wares.

Indeed, the quality of spam has changed in the past few months.  It is friendlier and more conversational. It tries to relate to the topic of the post, and — despite the fact that it is authored by people names “Viagra Online,” “Moscow Apartment” or “Cupcake,”it has the sweet quality of an entry level person in a non-Anglophone country who is practicing hir English in hopes of one day immigrating or upgrading to a better job doing online tech support for Dell.


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October 28, 2007, 8:41 pm

Conversations With My Spam File

When you have several different email accounts, you get different kinds of invasive email — otherwise known on the Mac as Junk, and on most commercial email servers as Spam. I have also noticed, since returning from the Sunshine State, where I did a whirlwind four day tour of relatives, that several of my posts have been hit by something I am told is a Spambot — something that trolls around looking for blogs to invade, and that leaves ambiguous posts that must be intended to entice people to click on the fake blog identity and give up their IP addresses. The spambot’s comments say things like “Wonderful post!” and “Great blog!” Little do they know that on an academic blog, this gives them away immediately — what academic do you know who can confine hirself to 3 words or less in a blog comment? Huh?

But the spam also differs from account to account. What I have noticed is that on my…

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