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January 12, 2012, 11:15 am

Teaching, Creativity and Interpretation; Or, What I Learned from D.W. Winnicott and Nell Irvin Painter

Donald Winnicott, 1896-1971

One of the many reasons I was happy not to go to the American Historical Association annual meeting is that I am starting a new job at a very different institution than the one at which I have worked for two decades.  More than I usually do, I needed the time between terms to put together courses for students I have never met and who may also be very different from those I have known. I have had help in making my transition:  new colleagues have sent me their syllabi, and they have been generous in critiquing drafts of mine, as well as answering the specific questions that help locate us as teachers. How much will the students read?  Is the syllabus understood as a contract?  Where is the writing workshop? What kinds of writing assignments work best? What type of guidance a…

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March 31, 2007, 11:46 am

Chapter the Seventy-First: In Which I Go to a Conference

I am currently at one of the big history conferences — the one without the Europeanists, the OAH, which means we lack some diversity but make up for it in the more informal atmosphere generated when fewer people spend three and a half days together.

Part of my fun this time around is that two of my former Zenith students are giving papers here: one is finishing up his dissertation and has a lovely two year post doc, and the other has published her first book and is *on* the roundtable I am chairing. How cool is that? I actually have several other students out there who have jobs, and are colleagues/friends. One of the nice things about being the undergraduate– rather than the graduate mentor — is that they appear, at least, to have entirely unmixed feelings about me (see this post about the weight graduate advisors have to carry for their role in a person’s career. It’s kind of…

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