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October 9, 2010, 6:51 pm

Feminism’s Unfinished Agenda: If Women Have Equal Opportunity, Why Are The Outcomes So Very Unequal?

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This is Part II of a three-part polemic about the need to sustain and expand women’s education in the 21st century.  Read Part I here.

First and foremost, a women’s single-sex college — whether it is a private institution or a residential college lodged in a large public university or university system — is about an institutional commitment to the success of female undergraduates. It is about a commitment to the young woman who will want to have a career, an intimate relationship and often children as well. This is feminism’s unfinished agenda.

How to mix of career and family is one of our modern feminist dilemmas, one that extends to lesbians as well as heterosexual women as parenting has become legally and medically available to women who choose intimacy without men. This requires that those of us who are committed to creating spaces that privilege female intellects…

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June 13, 2008, 3:43 am

Day 1 at the Berks: Let the Receptions Begin

Today was reception after reception after reception, since most of the action doesn’t start until tomorrow. We were received at 4:00 by Feminist Studies, where longtime editor Claire Moses stood up on a table and recounted for all of us the history of the journal and the history of the journal’s presence at the Berkshire Conference: it went on for a while, and occasionally the babble of the crowd would get too loud and someone would tell everyone to hush so we could listen to Claire’s speech. Part of what was being said on my side of the room was several of us realizing that we had had our first articles published in FS. So lost was I in that nostalgic moment that I admit I didn’t hear much of the rest, except that the editors have very beautiful notebooks with designs from old FS issues on them that they are selling at the conference. They are also making the entire run of FS

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